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Luc Van Milders lives in Antwerp and has three children. After obtaining his Master's Degree in Law and Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Corporate Finance, he received exceptional training in International Finance and Treasury Management at JPMorgan in New York.
After his initial work experience at KPMG, Luc worked at JPMorgan in Brussels, New York and London within the Commodity Trading & Futures department. After returning to Belgium he became a pioneer when he set up Filmnet Abonnee Televisie that became a successful pay TV channel in the Benelux and Scandinavia. In 1992 Luc was named CEO of the family-run Carestel company that he floated on Euronext with considerable success in 1999. In 2004 he returned to the financial sector and set up Consilio Partners. The objective? To provide companies with assistance at critical moments in order to secure the continuity of their activities.
If you call on the services of Consilio Partners, you will benefit from all of Luc's considerable expertise.

You don't just benefit from expertise and experience, but also from a pragmatic, committed approach. With strong confidence and the conviction that a firm plan of approach will lead to accurate insights, better results and added value that will in turn result in new personal and professional benefits. Thanks to his extensive professional network he will make the perfect link between your need and the right expert. And he will give you the input that will complete your strategy.

Field of Expertise
Customised Financial solutions
Corporate Governance
Strategic Development

Professional Background
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